Yamadori Ponderosa Pine

Last weekend, my family met up at my aunts house in the high country of Colorado for Easter. I brought with me a shovel, a bunch of pots and bonsai soil. You see, my aunt has a massive property with tons of rocky outcrops, and I quickly realized the day before how perfect of an […]

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The Essence of Bonsai

Originally posted on assortednoveltrees:
Scale miniatures will always be more accurate at reproduction than bonsai. For example, Michael Paul Smith’s cars. I mean, really now. If they can do cars this well… The articulation you can achieve, the deceptive qualities of paint, the resolution of plastic are all much better than you can achieve with…

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An Odd Mugo Pine

A couple days ago, my local nursery got in a semi-truck load of new stock. I’ll be heading back over soon for some new trees later this weekend before they’re gone, as well as possibly collecting some Yamadori this weekend, but to hold myself over I picked up a tree that is going to be a […]

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Hi Everyone

I’m still getting some things set up, as well as trying to get the content of my first bonsai related post ready. It’s probably just going to be a soil mixing post, but I suppose that’s a good place to start. Until then, I’ll be scrambling in my free time to try and get the […]

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